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  • Money Management

    Money Management Tools

    Gone are the days of balancing your checkbook, filling out deposit slips and hitting up the ATM for cash. Learn more about how our online money management tools can help keep you on track.

  • Healthy vs. Unhealthy Budget

    Money Management Tools

    When building your budget it's important to track where your money is actually going so that you can ensure you're building a healthy budget.

  • Build Your Budget

    Money Management Tools

    Budgeting seems overwhelmign, but it doesn't have to be! Creating a spending plan will keep you on track to achieve your financial goals while keeping your spending in check.

  • Congrats! You graduated college, now what? Life after college can be pretty overwhleming. Suddenly you have to manage your finances, make sure you're repaying those student loans on time, and start investing in a 401(k). Don't worry, we've got you covered. Check out our video series for some tips on how to survive life after college.

  • Before you begin to house hunt it's important to know how much home you can afford. Use our payment calculator to determine what fits best into your budget.

  • Whether you're dreaming of that once in a lifetime European vacation or planning your dream wedding, our savings calculators can help you determine how much you should save to reach your financial goals.

  • It's always fun to watch your money grow. Our savings calculator will help you determine how long it will take to double your savings.

  • When it comes to paying for college, you have options. One to consider is a Parental (PLUS) loan. Use our calculator to determine what your monthly payments might be.

What's New

  • How to Host a Holiday Party on a Budget

    How to Host a Holiday Party on a Budget

    04 December 2017
    From buying gifts to throwing parties – during the holiday season you end up spending money as if it grows on trees. Then when January rolls around, you’re on a ramen noodle diet! It doesn’t have to be like this. I’m here to give you a couple quick tips on how to host an authentic and creative holiday party that’s well within budget.  Learn More
  • 7 Ways to Give Back this Holiday Season without Spending a Dime

    27 November 2017
    Check out these 7 ways to give back without spending a dime! Learn More
  • Dreams Come True, Thanks To Our Friends in Blue

    14 November 2017
    This year, once again for many underprivileged kids in the Cedar Rapids area, Santa will be wearing a badge and driving a police car. The Cedar Rapids Protective Police Charity is raising money for their annual Santa Cop program, where local officers will take kids shopping for warm winter clothes and perhaps a few toys as well. Learn More
  • How to Retire Early

    06 November 2017
    Wish you could retire right now? For some of us, this may seem like a fantasy that will never be reached. But, most Americans can retire early if they take the right steps. Learn More
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What's New

View All What's New