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Notice of Blocked Countries for Debit Transactions

Due to regulatory requirements and incidents of fraudulent activity, the credit union blocks certain debit card activity based on risk.  From time to time, the list of blocked activity by country is updated based on current fraud trends and/or government sanctions.  Below is a list of the activity that is currently blocked on all debit cards.  The list is divided into two categories:  a) Completely Blocked and b) Blocked for Card Not Present.


Completely Blocked

Currently, all transactions, including PIN-based, point of sale (POS) signature based and POS when the card is not presented to the merchant are blocked from transacting.

If you have further questions regarding this notice, please contact the credit union at 1-800-472-3272.

 Countries Currently Completely Blocked
 Cote D'Ivoire
 Islamic Republic of Iran
 North Korea - Democratic People's Republic of Korea
 Syrian Arab Republic

If you are planning to travel, please contact the Credit Union at 1-800-475-1150. If your card is lost or stolen outside of normal business hours you can report it by calling 1-800-472-3272 within the United States, or collect at 1-973-656-2345 outside of the United States.

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