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BlueEdge Buyer Program

Give your offer an edge! 

When it comes to making an offer on your dream home in an ultra-competitive housing market, it’s important that your offer stands out from the crowd! Our BlueEdge Buyer Program helps you do just that.

How it works:

Before you start home shopping, you’ll meet with a Collins Community Credit Union mortgage loan officer to complete a mortgage application and discuss potential mortgage options. They’ll collect and review your income, assets and credit information and then issue a BlueEdge Pre-Approval letter.

Benefits include:


Shop with confidence: When considering house listings, you’ll know right away if a home is in your price range.

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Stand out from other buyers: When it’s time to make an offer, the seller may be more likely to accept your offer because they know key financial information has been reviewed, giving them confidence that the deal will go through.

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Save Time: An upfront review of income, assets and credit can help minimize surprises and prevent issues from popping up at the last minute.

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Minimize Stress: Instead of worrying about financing while you house hunt, you can focus on finding your perfect home, narrowing down your options to those that work best for you.

To get started, contact a member of our mortgage team near you and review our mortgage application checklist

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