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Collins Community Credit Union


ATM/Debit Card

After seven (7) withdrawals, balance inquires or transfers at any non Collins Community CU ATM machine per month $1.00*/per transaction
Copy of actual charge slip $5.00*
Card Replacement Fee $10.00*
NSF Debit Card Transaction $32.00
Preauthorized payment cancellation $32.00
VISA charges a 1% International Service Assessment (ISA) for each foreign country transaction which is reflected in the transaction.


Monthly Service Charges:  
Plus Checking (Product discontinued 10/31/2013) $5.00*
eChecking (Product discontinued 02/01/2017) Free w/ eStatements or $2.00 w/ paper statements
Take2 Checking (Formerly known asStartFresh Checking) $9.95
StartFresh First Step (Product discontinued 05/01/2015) $9.95
Check Orders Varies with design
Overdraft transfer from Savings (All checking accounts) $5.00 per day
Plus Checking Overdraft Transfer $5.00 per day
Stop Payment $32.00*


Christmas Club (early withdrawal or closure) $5.00
Money Market Plus (minimum balance fee) $5.00 monthly


When a transaction overdraws your account the following fees will apply:
If Paid: $32.00 / item, $160.00 day/maximum per transaction type
If Returned: $32.00 / item (no maximum per day)

Check Issue Charges

Cashiers Checks $3.00 for members
Money Orders $3.00 for members

Safe Deposit Boxes


Annual Rental Fee

3X5 $25.00
5X5 $30.00
3X10 $40.00
5X10 $50.00
10X10 $80.00
Lost Key Charge - One Key $25.00
Lost Key Charge - Both Keys $200.00
Box Rent 30 Days Past Due $10.00


Ready Reserve (advance) $5.00 per day
Annual Fee None
Late Payment Charge Lesser of 5% of the payment or $15.00
Returned Loan Payment Fee $32.00 per item

Wire Transfers

Incoming Wire Transfer $10.00
Outgoing Wire Transfer (Within US) $20.00
Outgoing Wire Transfer (International) $40.00

CU Online

Account Internet Access Free
Bill Pay (If there is no activity for 90 days service, Bill Pay will be discontinued.) Free
Online Bill Payment Returned Item $10.00 per item
Mobile Money (standard data rates may apply) Free
Mobile Deposit (standard data rates may apply) Free


MoneyMeter Free

$1.00 - $249.99
$1,000 and up

3 day = $0.50 Next day = $0.85
3 day = $0.75 Next day = $1.00
3 day = $1.50 Next day = $2.00

Account to Account Transfer (A2A)

Outgoing: $3.00, Incoming: Free

Statement Account Assistance

Research Fee $20.00 per hr/$10.00 Minimum*
Account Reconcilement $20.00 per hr/$10.00 Minimum*


IRA Transfer Fee (waived if transferring to Members Financial or First Community Trust) $25.00
Notary Free
Medallion Signature Guarantee $20.00
Bad Address (charged after 2 returned statements) $5.00 monthly
Deposit Items Returned $7.50*
Returned Deposit Item (own account) $32.00
Lost Money Order Assessed actual charge
Check Converting to Guaranteed Funds
Non-Member Fee
Foreign CheckExchanges $25.00
Tax Levy / Garnishment Fee $50.00 or maximum allowed
Escheatment Fee $25.00
Outgoing Collection Item Fee $5.00
Incoming Collection Item Fee $5.00*
Foreign Item Collection Fee Varies
Check Cashing Fee $5.00
(If average monthly account balance is less than $300. No fee for members under the age of 18.)
Early Closure Fee (if account is closed before 6 months) $15.00
Inactivity Fee** $15.00 semi annual (Jan/July)

*Plus Applicable Taxes

** After 12 months with no transactions (withdrawals or deposits) on account balances less than $2500. No fee for accounts with a safe deposit box, credit card, active checking account, loan, Health Savings Account, IRA, or members under the age of 18.

The fees listed are effective as of 02/01/2017.Please contact the credit union at800-475-1150 if you have any questions.

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