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Collins Community Credit Union

Benefits Plus

Live better for less with Benefits Plus. Benefits Plus is a discount program provided to Collins members for a low monthly fee*. Sign up today!

Credit Union Discounts

Here are just some of the many credit union discounts you can receive by becoming a Benefits Plus member.

Travel Discounts

Get travel discounts on airline tickets, hotel and car rentals, cruises, and theme park admissions.

Identity Theft Protection & Security Center

The credit union discounts available with Benefits Plus also extend to protecting your money. You can set fraud alerts, reduce junk mail, order credit reports, organize personal information and activate identity theft restoration service.

Cash Back Rewards

Earn up to 33% Cash Back at national online retailers. Cash back rewards accumulate in an online rewards account.


Health Services

Supplement your health insurance with discounts on your prescriptions, vision care, and hearing care.

Family Benefits

When you join Benefits Plus with your Credit Union, discounts are available for your family. 

  • Internet Grocery Coupon Club**
  • Movie Ticket and Rental Discounts**
  • National Restaurant & Retailer Discounts**
  • 24-Hour Emergency Roadside Assistance**
  • Group Dental Plan**
  • Pet Health Insurance**

Become a Benefits Plus Member

Call 800-475-1150 or stop into any Collins Community CU branch to sign up today!

*A low monthly fee of $5.95 will apply after the 30 day trial period. See Benefits Plus website or contact a Collins Community CU representative for complete program details
**Additional fee applied. See Benefits Plus website for complete details.

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What's New

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    October 17, 2017
    6:00 PM
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