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Welcome to the Collins Community Credit Union Payment Center

At Collins Community Credit Union, we've made it easy to make payments on your Collins Community Credit Union loans.

When you're running up against a loan payment deadline, use your debit card, credit card, or checking account to get the money to us quickly. Our online payment center allows you to make payments on your Collins Community Credit Union auto, mortgage, home equity, RV, or personal loan. Credit Card payments cannot be made via the online payment center.

It only takes minutes to get started and payments can be set to reoccuring. The best part? There's no fee! 

To get started, click the "Make a Payment" button then log in or register. Once you're registered, you can make quick, secure loan payments on your Collins Community Credit Union Loans.  

If you have questions or need assistance, call 800-475-1150 or review the Frequently Asked Questions below.

Make a Payment

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about using our payment center? Look no further! The answers are below.

1. Is there a fee to use the payment center?

There is no fee.

2. Can I pay my credit card bill with the online payment center?

No, credit card payments cannot be made via the online payment center. To pay your bill online, click here.

3. Can I pay my mortgage with the online payment center?

Yes, as long as it is serviced by Collins Community Credit Union.

4. Why can't I complete my registration?

You may not have provided a correct answer, or the correct format of an answer. For example, if MM/DD/YYYY is required and you entered M-D-YYYY, this will create an error due to the number of characters in the month and day. Additionally, dashes were used when slashes are required.

5. What should I do if I forgot my User ID?

Please re-register and choose a new username.

6. How do I reset my password? What if I can't remember my password?

Click on “Problems Logging In” on the payment center website and follow the steps to reset you password.

7. I'm trying to register for the first time and received a message that says my account is unavailable for 24 hours. How do I resolve this?

This error will result if you provided incorrect responses to your validation questions. After 24 hours, you may attempt registration again by providing correct responses.

8. I can log in, but I can't make a payment. Why?

If you can log in but cannot make a payment, it may mean you do not have any eligible accounts, or you do not have a payment due on a Collins Community Credit Union loan.

9. What types of Debit/Credit cards are accepted for payment?

The payment center accepts Visa (debit only), Mastercard (debit and credit), and Discover Cards for payments, along with ACH from your non-Collins Community Credit Union checking account. Visa Credit is not accepted.

10. I am a joint owner on my account. Can I register in my name?

Yes, as long as you have a seperate email and account number, the payment center will present you with any Collins Community Credit Union loans you currently have.

11. I just received my tracking number for my payment. Can I still cancel it?

Once you've received the tracking number, the loan payment cannot be reversed or cancelled.

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