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Building your fortune and measuring your success just got a lot easier with Money Meter—Collins Community CU's new personal financial management tool!

Money Meter allows you to quickly view all of your banking, investment, mortgage and credit card accounts in one place, regardless of the financial institution, and the best part, it's free! Start building your fortune today, log on to CU Online and click on the Money Meter tab.

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  • Friends at the Beach

    Why Your YOLO Lifestyle Will Lead You to Be Broke

    2018-01-03 19:00:28

    The concept of "YOLO," or "you only live once," has become a popular theme among millennials. While the message of not allowing fear to dominate your life or letting opportunities pass you by is admirable, too often it can be used as an excuse to justify poor financial decision-making. After all, if you live only in the now, you do not have to worry about the tough tasks of saving money, investing, or making critical financial decisions for your future.

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  • Steps to Start an Emergency Fund from Zero Image 1

    Steps to Start an Emergency Fund from Zero

    2017-09-18 18:46:26

    You know you should have an emergency fund, but where do you start? The key word is "start." Check out our latest blog post to learn how to start building up your emergency fund.

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