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10 Cheap Ways to Beat Summer Boredom

Summer is always the highly anticipated catalyst for fun. During the school year, eager children everywhere cling to the promise of sunny skies, long days, and endless adventure. However, once the warm weather arrives and freedom comes, boredom seems to be more common than adventure itself. To combat the summer blues, we’ve concocted a list of ten cheap-and-easy family activities for you to try this summer!

Published on Jun 22, 2018
  1. Play in the water! While local pools and water parks are summer staples (and often the preferred choice of youngsters everywhere), they’re not always the most viable option. So, if making the trek to the closest water world is outside of your budget or time constraints, consider more traditional methods of fun: visiting a children’s playground with a splash pad, setting up a sprinkler in your yard, or providing your children with water-based toys.
  2. Check out city-sponsored activities. Many communities host a wide array of festivals, concerts, and other events during the warmer seasons. Check your local listings, pack your favorite snacks and blankets, and make your way to the next movie night in the park or favorite cover band concert.
  3. Get a job. Lemonade stands may be a thing of the past, but that doesn’t mean you can’t teach your child a thing or two about entrepreneurship and work ethic. Consider volunteering at a local charity, offering dog-walking or lawn mowing services to your friends and neighbors, or get around to some home improvement projects.
  4. Bring out the arts and crafts! Even if your child isn’t interested in the more traditional art projects (drawing, painting, or coloring), there are still plenty of ways to get creative. Anything from making your own putty to building paper airplanes, crafting jewelry or even checking out some cool science experiments—there are plenty of unique and imaginative ways to have fun.
  5. Make some food. Whether it’s baking cookies, making homemade popsicles, or growing a garden, you can never go wrong with bringing food into the equation.
  6. Visit your local library, museum, or zoo. Just because school is out doesn’t mean that learning needs to take a hiatus. Hitting up your local institutions for a hands-on education is a productive way to spend a summer day!
  7. Attend a sporting event. No need to worry if professional games are outside of your budget or area. College and minor league games can be just as much fun. Check out the season schedules for one of Iowa’s many minor league teams (like the Iowa Cubs or the Cedar Rapids Kernels)!
  8. Play some games! On nice summer days, head out to the lawn for a game of bocce ball or cornhole. On the rainier ones, pick out a puzzle or board game. Games are a great way to entertain while also honing skills like teamwork and critical thinking.
  9. Go camping! It’s the perfect time of year to haul out the tents and sleeping bags. And whether you simply set up in your backyard or take a full-fledged trip to the nearest state park, the thrill of sleeping outdoors will give your kids something to talk about all summer long.
  10. Finally, embrace the boredom. Studies have shown that boredom can be good for children, as it encourages them to get imaginative. So, consider taking a step back and watch what happens. Maybe they’ll write a play, direct a movie, or simply find new outlets to entertain themselves.

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