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Adventures in House Hunting - Chapter 3: A Seller's Market

Published on Apr 11, 2016

Hey, guess what? We bought a house! As first-time home buyers the process was a little overwhelming, but having a realtor was a huge help. Right now, it’s a seller’s market, so homes are going quickly. We learned that as soon as homes were showing up on the home buying apps such as Zillow, and we scheduled our showings, the buyers already had pending offers.

Our realtor indicated that spring may be a seller’s market, specifically in the area we were interested in, and we were still nervous with how quickly offers were placed and accepted. 

However, when our realtor found new listings that met our criteria he called us right away so we could look before they were listed online. He would also tell us if he thought we needed to put in an offer right away or if we had a couple days to wait.

Two weeks into the house hunt he showed us a house that we absolutely loved and we made an offer! We couldn’t help but second guess ourselves, were we supposed to fall in love with a house this fast? Could we possibly make an offer already? Were we getting ahead of ourselves? These thoughts started flooding into our heads almost instantly, but we were excited.

Unfortunately, the sellers accepted another offer. After our rejected offer we were a little bummed, but we knew that what was meant to be would be and we continued our hunt.

A couple days later we found another home that was perfect, and this time we knew what we needed to do. We placed an offer and the sellers accepted! We had the home inspected a couple weeks ago, and the appraisal was taken care of already. It’s crazy how fast the process went.

Now we’re preparing for the big move. Last week we bought a lawnmower and a washer and dryer and we’ve been looking at the rooms in the house to figure out where we can put some of our wedding gifts (which are still in boxes and wrapped up) and hang our pictures.

I have to admit; prior to the inspection we were a little anxious. We were hoping there weren’t any major problems with the house’s foundation, roof, water heater or anything else that required a wad of cash. We met our realtor and the inspector last Friday and the inspector started off saying he only had nine pages to go through with us.

Whoa, hold the phone, nine pages to discuss?! Initially we thought that was a lot, and we wondered if we may have offered way too much for this house. We had no idea what was included in the inspection results. It literally included everything and most of our problems were only cosmetic. We had a random nail or screw in a wall, and some areas that needed caulk. Overall, nothing major!

Our inspector went through each page with us and told us how we could fix these small problems. I’m not super handy, so having him review the inspection with us helped a ton.

The next step is closing and moving in and we couldn’t be happier. Cheers to house hunting!

Here’s a collage of us in front of our new home and celebrating after receiving our inspection results. 

 Adventures In House Hunting - Chapter 3: A Seller's Market

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