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Adventures in House Hunting-Chapter 4: Time to Unpack

Published on Jun 09, 2016

Adventures in House Hunting-Chapter 4: Time to Unpack

It still hasn’t sunk in, but we have the keys to our new home. As I sit in the office and reflect as I’m writing this, I can’t believe we’ve lived in our house for almost a week already. It has been a whirlwind of happy events for us recently, and we’re blessed to have support from our family and friends throughout our journey. Cheers to the final chapter – moving in.

Last Friday, we had our final walk through with our realtor before closing, and we had no idea what to expect. We were super anxious to see our home again and excited to start moving in boxes as soon as we were handed over the keys. Our sellers did an amazing job cleaning, shampooing the carpets, and maintaining the lawn prior to moving out. The sellers genuinely cared for the house they called home for the last five years, and it showed. This made the final walk through a breeze, and we felt even more comfortable about making this huge purchase!

After the walk through, we were off to Collins Community Credit Union for the closing. When we got there, Devin had us sign and initial paperwork that requires us to make our monthly mortgage payments, and we got the keys. I had no idea how long this process would take, but it only took about a half hour and it was pretty painless, minus the check we wrote for our down payment - Yikes! It was surreal to think that the majority of the money we’ve saved over the last five years was gone in less than 30 minutes, but, we had to remember this is an investment. 

For the last couple of months our evenings have been consumed with packing and preparing for the big day, so after we closed we were ready to move right in; more importantly, we were ready to race to our new home and pull both of our cars inside of the garage at the same time! This was a luxury for us because at our apartment we only had a single stall garage. Moving day went off without a hitch thanks to our family and friends. And, lucky for me, my wife is very well organized! She had boxes labeled and packed by room, which made moving and unpacking even easier. We carefully unpacked all our boxes, and got things put away. By Sunday, we were actually able to enjoy our new home. 

It’s been almost a week and my wife and I are beyond grateful for the guidance and support we’ve received during this process. We are ready to tackle home ownership head on and turn our house into a home. We both have a lot to learn, but are excited to experience this new chapter together. Thanks for following along with us!

- Kyle and Kylene

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