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Air Guitars at C Street Branch? You bet!

Published on Jul 09, 2012

Some might say that at times I am over the top hysterical; I would say they are right! I find myself to be highly amusing and laugh hysterically at myself while others watch in puzzlement. You can often find me pumping up the team and rocking the air guitar-pretty much anything to get a good laugh. I would like to say that my exuberance in life and desire to be funny carries over in my day to day work at CCCU. I am sure if you ask my past and current coworkers they would nod in agreement. My passion to put a smile on someone’s face seems to follow me from each location I have landed at the credit union. I am dedicated to spreading the energy within the team. This trait has come in handy on my recent venture-assisting in the opening of our new C Street Branch.

I have learned that it is most important to build a solid foundation of trust and respect between coworkers and to throw a little fun into the day to day routine…That’s what creates a TEAM.

It is week six and I am looking at the C Street Branch (my new second home) in amazement. The staff-how did we get so lucky to have acquired such a great team? We have new and seasoned team members from various CCCU locations and as Nancy, our MSC Supervisor put it “we are the melting pot.” The wealth of knowledge that has come with each team member is encouraging to the success of this location. The branch is in a unique setting- we call it a store front (aka strip mall) right around the corner from Jersey’s Pub–where everyone knows our name! I can feel the anxiousness in each team member to drum up some fun in the neighborhood! You never know when or where you will see us out in the community, but when you do, I am certain you will smile. We are a fun group and are excited to build friendships in the community. Do I dare say “air guitars-a C Street special?” I am afraid if I make those kinds of promises you will hold me to it! Now that we have established the awesomeness of the C Street Branch, all that’s left to do is invite you to our Grand Opening the week of July 16th. Click here for details on the fun we will be having all week. See you soon.   I know you can’t resist!

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