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Collins Community Credit Union

HACAP Food Reservoir Receives A Two Ton Donation From CCCU

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On Wednesday, September 11th the HACAP Food Reservoir received a large check from the employees and members of Collins Community Credit Union. The check, ...

Published on Sep 10, 2013

On Wednesday, September 11th the HACAP Food Reservoir received a large check from the employees and members of Collins Community Credit Union.  The check, along with several grocery carts full of food, represents a month long Eastern Iowa “Freedom From Hunger” effort. 

The employee goal was to reach One Metric Ton or 2,205 lbs. of food.  With a combination of canned good collections, cash donations, Credit Union Cook Book Sales and a fund-raising Cook-out, employees were able to surpass their goal twice over!  The effort totaled over 4,646 lbs. equaling more than Two Metric Tons!  All nine Collins Community Credit Union branches participated in the effort and are grateful for the help and generosity of their members.  CCCU employees are being rewarded with a “Jean Day” for reaching beyond their goal.

The HACAP Food Reservoir services over 100 member agencies in seven counties across Eastern Iowa.  This donation will provide 3,871 meals for the 56 thousand people that experience hunger in Eastern Iowa daily.

For more information contact:
Amanda Pieper
Food Reservoir Director 

OR –

Karen Ultis                                    
Community Outreach Director
Collins Community Credit Union
(319) 294-4237

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