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Home Sweet Home

Published on Sep 06, 2012

Have you ever had a business you loved to visit? Where everyone there knows you and loves to joke around with you, just like you were part of their family?  In my 22 years here at CCCU, I have come to know so many of our members as friends.  There are some that love to give us a hard time, and every once in a while we give it back!  I remember a member coming in, and everyone closed their teller windows at the same time and laughed so hard tears were rolling down our faces. And a member who knows I’m Vikings fan (GO VIKINGS!!) bet me a dozen cookies that Green Bay was going to beat them.  After the Vikings lost, he came into the credit union wearing all of his Green Bay gear, including a cheese-head! I about died laughing!

I can honestly say I am one of the lucky ones who absolutely love my job, the people I work with, and all of the members I have had the privilege of getting to know over my years at Collins Community Credit Union.  I’m kind of the old timer at our branch, writing a blog for the first time. I’m not on Facebook and have never tweeted, or whatever it’s called. In fact, my teen-aged daughter told me I’m too old to be on facebook (so, of course, now I am seriously considering it). I may be old enough to be the Mom here at C St, but just don’t expect me to act like one. Stop in to visit us at our new location on C Street Southwest.  You never know what might happen!         

DeAlleyn W.
Member Service Consultant
C Street SW Branch

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