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Looking Back On The Last 30 Years

Published on Aug 07, 2012


Our Vice President of Marketing, Tim Meier, recently celebrated his 30th year with Collins Community Credit Union. I will restrain myself from making old jokes about him here (he is my boss after all), but you are welcome to submit your own jokes in the comment section below. I’m sure Tim can take it. (Keep it clean please!) 

All jokes aside, 30 years at one company is pretty darn impressive. Even more impressive, Tim is not our only 30 year veteran. We currently have seven employees who are at or over 30 years of service, and many more who are close to that milestone.
It’s hard to believe all that has changed at the credit union since Tim’s first day on June 1, 1982, when he started his career as a Loan Office Trainee. Here are a few of his “back when I first started at the credit union” facts:
   ·      New auto loan interest rates where 15.5% APR for 36 months
   ·      Used auto loan rates were 16.5% APR for 24 months
   ·      Certificates of Deposits were paying over 12% APY
   ·      The savings account was paying 6.0% APY
   ·      At the time, we were called Collins Employees Credit Union
   ·      We had only two branch locations
   ·      We hand wrote all of the loan documents ; Computers were few and far between
A lot has changed in the last 30 years, but a lot has stayed the same. CCCU still strives to make a difference in each member’s life by offering exceptional, personal service and the best financial products and services. We continue to live by the philosophy of “People Helping People” in everything we do, just like we have for the last 72 years.  I look forward to documenting how we’ve grown over the next 25 years in my own 30th anniversary blog post. Look for it in November 2037.


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