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The Triple CU Scoop - Celebrate Credit Union Youth Week!

Published on Mar 24, 2014

Catch the save wave at Collins Community Credit Union! This week CCCU celebrates National Credit Union Youth Week and we want your beach bum to catch the save wave! Our winter intern, Isaiah B. writes about his experiences learning how to save as a child. 

“As a child one of the most valuable lessons I was taught was the importance of money. Whether it was managing it, saving it, investing it, or spending it my parents made sure I was aware how crucial it would become as I grew up.

One of my earliest memories is of my grandmother bringing me right here, to CCCU, to open up a Kirby Kangaroo account. I was about five years old and had taken in the $30 I had left over from my birthday (the other $20 was wisely invested at Toys-R-US of course!) Anyhow, I continued to make deposits into that account up until I was 18 years old, saving quite a nice chunk of change to contribute toward my college education.

Educating children today on the value of money is just as important now as it was 17 years ago when my parents started with me. Teach your children the value of a dollar and when they’ve earned a minimum of $5, bring them into CCCU to open up their own Kirby Kangaroo Account. It’s not only a great way to apply the lessons you teach them in real life but becoming a credit union member comes with perks! Stop into any CCCU location to open a Kirby account today!”

If you don’t have a Kirby or STAR teen account, now is a perfect time to open one. During the week of April 21-26 if you make a $5 deposit into any Kirby account your child will receive a free pair of CCCU sunglasses; make a $25 deposit and receive a CCCU beach towel.

*Promotion valid 04/21/2014 - 04/26/2014. Limit one item per member per account. Only available for CCCU members ages 18 and younger. Child does not have to be present to receive sunglasses or beach towel. Sunglasses and beach towels available while supplies last. Deposits federally insured by NCUA.

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