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Published on Aug 05, 2014

Have you heard the good news? We’ve reached our goal! As of August 5, we’ve saved the community over $1 million in loan interest and fees. Our total savings to date is $1,358,411.30, to be exact!

This means that we’ll be donating a total of $10,000 to Children’s Miracle Network, JDRF, HACAP Food Reservoir and the Alzheimer’s Association. Each local charity will receive $2,500 after the campaign ends on September 30.

But, just because we’ve reached our goal doesn’t mean the saving stops! There’s still time for you to get in on the savings action. If you have a high interest rate loan at another financial institution or debt you’d like to consolidate, come see us (or click here). We’ll sit down and take a look at your credit report and see where we can save you money. Then, you’re savings will count toward our challenge total.

Saving the community $1 million is great, but we want to see how high that number can go! What do you think the final savings total will be? Leave your guesses in the comments below.

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