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The Triple CU Scoop - Costume Inspiration for the Halloween Charity Masquerade

Published on Oct 10, 2013

Alright folks, the CCCU Halloween Charity Masquerade is just a couple weeks away!  Have you bought your tickets yet?  If you’ve already purchased your tickets then proceed in reading the rest of this blog post.  If you haven’t bought your tickets, stop what you’re doing, head to any CCCU location and get them before they’re gone!  If dressing up isn’t your thing that’s ok, we understand, costumes are optional.  But, if you are planning on dressing up here is some inspiration…

You could go with a classic; like a ghost, mummy or a vampire.  These costumes are fairly inexpensive and are easy to throw together.  But, keep in mind we are having a costume contest and you could win some pretty ‘killer’ prizes, so you might want to get a little more creative.   

Head to Pinterest!  There are tons of great ideas.  Although this Halloween party is for adults, don’t forget to think of costumes for the kiddos and your four legged friends!  Here are a few of my favorites… 


Looking for some DIY ideas? Check out Kimberly Danger’s post on the Mommy Savers blog.  She lists costume ideas that don’t require much more than a trip to the local thrift shop.

Hopefully I’ve inspired you!  Now, get your tickets and make a trip to the costume shop.  We’ll see you at the Halloween Charity Masquerade!  

Taylor Yezek
eMarketing Specialist    

 *Photos courtesy of Pinterest

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