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The Triple CU Scoop - Dream Vacation

Published on Feb 03, 2014

We recently spent the day with Fusionfarm shooting the fourth commercial in our dream series, which focuses on your dream vacation!  Okay, so actually it focuses on our CCCU mobile app, which allows you to check your balances anytime, anywhere, but it was nice to get a little snip-it of summer. 

We started the commercial shoot at Travel and Transport in Marion.  Watching our actor and actress looking through travel brochures of tropical getaways had me counting down the days to summer.  But, just think, there are only 44 more days until spring; relief from these frigid temps is (hopefully) in sight.  After our couple booked their trip, we headed down to Scheels in Coralridge Mall to pick out the perfect swimwear and snorkel supplies.  With spring break just around the corner, Scheels is fully stocked with swim suites in all different colors and patterns, and I was taking a mental note of which pieces need to be added to my summer wish list.  We finished up the day at a Coralville residence where our couple was packing their bags and preparing for their dream vacation.     

We had a great day hanging out with the production crew from Fusionfarm, and we can’t wait to see the finished product. If you love the music featured in our commercials, head over to iTunes and download “You Know Me” by Air Traffic controller


Taylor Yezek
eMarketing Specialist

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