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Collins Community Credit Union

The Triple CU Scoop - Enjoy your vacation for less with Benefits Plus !

Published on Apr 30, 2014

Although it’s cold and rainy today, summer is just around the corner! The busy summer months are filled with ball games, vacations and smiles. At Collins Community Credit Union, we want you to save money this summer with Benefits Plus®, our member’s only discount program. Benefits Plus® offers discounts on road side assistance, theme park admission, hotel accommodations, and more!

Be Safe. For Less.
Benefits Plus® offers 24-Hour Emergency Road Service that’s more robust than AAA Plus, and costs less. This service covers any car you are driving, covers up to four family members and much more.

Play. For Less.
Adventure, excitement and thrills for the whole family. Save up to 50%* on theme park admission.

Stay. For Less.
With an additional 50% rebate, receive 7.5% rebate on all NEW hotel bookings. 

Enjoy your vacation for less; click here to sign up for your FREE 30 day trial.

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