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The Triple CU Scoop - National Credit Union Youth Week

Published on Apr 19, 2013

In honor of National Credit Union Youth Week we want you to ‘Stache Your Cash at Collins Community Credit Union!  Learning to save money takes practice.  By saving money, you can put money toward things that are important to you – like an iPod, a new car, or a college education.   A good way to start saving is to open a Kirby Kids Account or a STAR Teen Account at Collins Community Credit Union.  A savings account is a great place to ‘stache your cash.  Here are a few good ways you can start learning about money! 

Put your spare change into a piggy bank.  When it’s full bring it into the Credit Union and make a deposit.  Don’t let your allowance, “Burn a hole in your pocket.”  If you save it at the Credit Union, you’ll be amazed at how quickly it adds up!  If you’re saving up for a new iPod put a picture of it on your wall to remind yourself what your goal is.     

If you can, consider getting a part time job.  Earning your own money will show you the value of a dollar and can help you set goals.  Also, talk to your parents about the benefits of opening a checking account.  Making a budget, using a debit card responsibly, and balancing your checkbook are good ways to practice money-management. 

Sit down with your children and encourage them to think of ways to save.  Also, talk to them about ways they can earn money.  If you have younger children, play store with them.  That will help them see how quickly things add up.  Let your children help you make your grocery list and clip coupons.  If you are withdrawing money from the ATM, or using a debit or credit card at the store, take a minute to explain to children where the money comes from.  


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