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Collins Community Credit Union

The Triple CU Scoop - Reverse Mortgage Options

Published on May 30, 2014

At Collins Community Credit Union, we have a variety of products and services to meet our members’ needs at every life stage. Here’s a story about Florence, who recently closed on a Reverse Mortgage at the Credit Union.

Florence has enough money from her pension and social security that she can get by just fine, but when it comes to the emergencies, home repairs, car repairs, etc., she does not have enough to make it all work.  She turned to Collins Community Credit Union for advice and was introduced to the Reverse Mortgage. 

Florence had heard about it often on T.V., but did not know how it worked and if it would be the solution to her retirement problems.  Real Estate Loan Office, Mary Jo Beebe, along with Alan, from Security 1 Lending, met with Florence her and her granddaughter who is currently looking out for her.

 After we visited at her home for two hours, she knew that Reverse Mortgage option was right for her.  She did not want to burden her family and could use the funds to put a new roof on her home, install new flooring and to take down a couple old ash trees. The Reverse Mortgage has given her peace of mind, which she says is worth its weight in gold when in your golden years. 

If you would like more information about reverse mortgages, please contact Mary Jo Beebe at 319-743-4661 or Dana Goshon at 319-294-4216.  

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