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The Triple CU Scoop - Where does all my money go?

Published on Oct 30, 2012


Every time I look at my account balance, I always think, “Where does all my money go?” As I scan through the transactions, I see the larger stuff: mortgage, auto loan, daycare, etc… but, where is the rest really going?  It’s all those little everyday purchases (a-hem, Starbucks) that really seem to add up; and bring my balance down.

Knowing where and what you are spending money on is a big step in helping control excess spending and beginning saving for the things that are really important to you.  That’s why I was so excited when CCCU introduced Money Meter, a FREE online budgeting and cash flow management service. With Money Meter, you can classify transactions, create a budget, enter income and expenses, and create financial goals. It even integrates with other financial institutions, so you can view all of your financial information in one place.

Money Meter has helped me prioritize spending and get a clearer view of my finances.  So, where is your money going? See for yourself!  Log on to CU Online and click on the Money Meter tab to get started.

Cherie T.
Marketing Assistant/Graphic Designer

Tag Transactions 
To give you a better picture of your spending habits, Money Meter lets you classify your transactions using pre-defined categories such as mortgage, utilities, daycare, income and more. And, you can create your own custom transaction tags, helping you determine how much that morning cup of Starbuck’s is really costing you (me) every month. 

Establish a Budget
You can create spending budgets and track your finances to see exactly where and how your money is being spent.

Cash Flow Calendar
The Cash Flow Calendar lets you enter pending income and expenses to give you a clear picture of your finances today and into the future.

Create Financial Goals
With Money Meter you can set specific financial goals, such as pay off those high interest credit cards, and visually track your progress towards those goals. 

Search Transaction History
Search transaction history by name, amount, or date, and see that history over an extended period of time.  

Add Accounts from other Financial Institutions
Money Meter let’s you keep all of your financial accounts organized and in one place, regardless of the financial institution. 

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