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Published on Jun 27, 2012


Four years ago I started working at Collins Community Credit Union part time during the summers while I was going to school.  Two years later I moved in with my then boyfriend and his parents while I worked on finishing my degree. Since moving in with them, we’ve gotten married, I graduated from college and got a REAL job (I’m now working as the Member Consultant Supervisor at our new C Street SW branch), and started building our first (and hopefully last) home.

We were extremely nervous about building a new home, but knew when it came to our construction loan, we were in good hands with Collins Community Credit Union’s “Home Team.”  There are so many different aspects that go into building a house.  The thought of getting a construction loan and then converting it to a first mortgage was very intimidating!  But thanks to Tim in our mortgage department, the process was as clear-cut as you could hope for when building a home.

Thanks “Home Team” for a great experience, and hurray to spending the first night in our own home!


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