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  • 20 Year Member

    "20 Year Member"

    I've been with Collins for over 20 years. They have been such a great bank for all of our financial needs. I love all the handy locations and everyone is always so happy to help us."
    Loretta W.
  • Gave Us The Real Feeling Of The Word Community

    "Gave Us The Real Feeling Of The Word Community"

    We lived and banked in a local town where everyone knows everyone but CCCU gave us the real feeling of the word community. Our switch to CCCU was easy, helpful and reliable. CCCU really wants to help and will go out of their way to make sure you get the best that you can get. I am proud to be a part of the Collins Community!
    Tammy P.
  • Help & Understanding

    "Help & Understanding"

    We have had a very tough couple of years. Between illness & loss of job we had difficulty get back on track & seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I am still only working 20 hours a week & fighting to receive workman's comp & short term disability. We have been late on our payments however continued to do the best we can with the income we have. We've appreciated the help & understand from the collection department & hope to be back to work in October & back on track. In tough times it is nice knowing we have a credit union to personalize things & look at us as people & not just an account number.
    Debra P.
  • High Quality Of Service

    "High Quality Of Service"

    I became a member of Collins Credit Union in the 1960's to obtain a student loan. The service was excellent and the staff is courteous, friendly, and helpful. This same high quality of service has continued throughout the years. I have secured several personal and automobile loans and have three savings accounts. I believe I am currently on my fourth or fifth home equity loan. Any questions I have had have been answered promptly, and the staff is always friendly and easy to talk to. I can honestly say that Collins has come through for me with flying colors.
    William S.
  • Never Had A Problem

    "Never Had A Problem"

    Why do I love CCCU? I've been banking with you guys since I was 17 years old and have never once had a problem. I've had a few different loans and have always found the interest rates very reasonable. It's also really easy to pay on loans using online banking. Whenever I have a need to go into the bank everyone is very friendly and there is never a long wait.
    Kelly S.
  • Only Use CCCU

    "Only Use CCCU"

    We have an account with Collins Community Credit Union that was opened over 30 years ago when we moved to the Cedar Rapids area. Over the years we have had additional accounts with various banks in the area but have closed all of them except for our CCCU account. CCCU has served our family very well and gives us very good service.
    Julie and Michael R.
  • Quick, Professional, And Timely

    "Quick, Professional, And Timely"

    After dealing with a large bank on our home mortgage, we were completely amazed at how quick, professional, and timely our mortgage request was processed by your staff. We were under a serious time constraint to obtain a new lender and you did everything right for us. We are still just astonished how wonderful your service was. We also opened a new checking account/debit-credit card and the service we receive is beyond excellent. Any doubts we had about our "First" debit card were quickly set to rest by, once again, "your professional staff". What a treat for us! Thanks for all your hard work to make our needs your focus!
    Sharilyn V.
  • Support Your Local Credit Union

    "Support Your Local Credit Union"

    Support your local Credit Unions to show solidarity against the Big Banks that are ignoring the 99% of us.
    Robert T.
  • Thanks CCCU

    "Thanks CCCU"

    We just refinanced our home and truck. It was so simple and easy and a great experience. Thanks Collins for saving us so much money and making the process so enjoyable! No closing cost!
    Susan P.
  • There When You Need Them

    "There When You Need Them"

    Close family and true friends, the people you can rely on to help you when you need someone. CCCU has come through countless number of times for me and my family when I really didn't feel anyone else could. Bought my first car as a young adult, and paid off a mound of bills as a more mature adult, all with the help of CCCU. They've been a part of my life since a youngster not wanting to give up my $20 by putting it in my Kirby Account. I consider CCCU a close friend AND family member.
  • Triple C U Rocks!

    "Triple C U Rocks!"

    Collins CCU is awesome! I opened my first savings account with them when I was 8. The Kirby club KICKS IT! Close to 30 years later, I still work with them, even though I live out of state. Triple C U rocks!
    Jane O.

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