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    • Collins Community CU Announces Expansion in Dubuque

      Published on Jan 13, 2022

      Collins Community Credit Union, one of Iowa’s largest credit unions serving over 90,000 members, has announced plans to continue expanding its branch network with the purchase of land in Dubuque.

    • Collins Wealth Management Group Virtual Financial Education Workshops

      Published on Dec 23, 2021

      Join us from the comfort of your home or office as we discuss a variety of topics to increase your financial awareness.

    • Collins Community CU Debit Rewards Program Ending

      Published on Dec 22, 2021

      Due to low program participation, Collins Community Credit Union’s Debit Rewards program will no longer be offered effective January 31, 2022.

    • Eric Hilbun, CFP® Joins Collins Wealth Management Group at Collins Community CU

      Published on Dec 02, 2021

      Financial Advisor Will Provide Members Retirement Planning, Wealth Management Solutions

    • Thanksgiving Week Hours and Reminders

      Published on Nov 24, 2021

      Reminder: All Collins Community Credit Union branches will be closed on Thursday, November 25 for Thanksgiving. We will be open on Friday, November 26 from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

    • International Credit Union Day 2021

      Published on Oct 20, 2021

      Join us in celebrating International Credit Union Day on October 21!

    • Online Banking Upgrade Coming Soon

      Published on Oct 04, 2021

      We're excited to announce an upgrade to our Online and Mobile Banking platform to make your daily banking even easier! Effective October 6, 2021, Online Banking will have a new look and feel and it will be easier to access the tools and features you love to use.

    • What Home Buyers and Sellers Need To Know About the Appraisal Gap

      Published on Aug 31, 2021

      How does an appraisal gap happen? And what could it mean for you if you're buying or selling a home?

    • "I Love My Credit Union Day" Official Rules

      Published on Jul 29, 2021

      Collins Community Credit Union's "I Love My Credit Union Day" Official Rules.

    • 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting

      Published on Jul 14, 2021

      Collins Community Credit Union's Annual Membership Meeting occurred virtually on Tuesday, September 14, 2021 at 5:30 p.m. CST via Zoom.

    • Pre-Approval Makes All the Difference When Buying a Home

      Published on Jun 22, 2021

      You may have been told that it’s important to get pre-approved at the beginning of the homebuying process, but what does that really mean, and why is it so important? Especially in today’s market, with rising home prices and high buyer competition, it’s crucial to have a clear understanding of your budget so you stand out to sellers as a serious homebuyer.

    • Introducing Fraud Text Alerts

      Published on Jun 07, 2021

      At Collins Community Credit Union, your security is our priority. That’s why we’re excited to introduce fraud text alerts. These alerts will help you monitor your money and keep your accounts safe. To receive these alerts, you don’t need to take any action. You will automatically start receiving text alerts for your Collins Community Credit Union debit card and credit card.

    • How To Increase The Value Of Your Home With Curb Appeal Updates

      Published on May 11, 2021

      The United States housing market is booming, and Iowa is no exception. Lack of inventory and historically low interest rates contribute to the red-hot real estate market. Still, despite the skyrocketing price of lumber and sluggish construction projects, data from one real estate listing company indicated home sales are up 20% across the board in 2021.

    • Be Your Own Fraud Fighter: Tips To Keep Your Money Safe

      Published on Apr 26, 2021

      In 2020, the Federal Trade Commission recorded 2.2 million reports of fraud and $3.3 billion lost by victims. As these numbers continue to grow, it's crucial to stay informed and take action to protect yourself against scams and potential fraud. Check out the tips and current trends below from Collins Community Credit Union's Fraud Officer, Tabby C., to help keep your money safe!

    • The Top 5 Home Improvement Projects For The Best ROI

      Published on Apr 23, 2021

      If you're thinking about moving, whether you're upgrading, downsizing, or changing locations, now is the time to sell your house. Tighter inventories and increasing demand create an ultra-competitive market, which means houses are selling faster and often for top dollar. You may know specific home improvements can help improve your home's value, but not every upgrade helps drive a higher price.

    • Your Tax Refund and Stimulus Checks May Help You Reach Your Homeownership Goals

      Published on Apr 19, 2021

      If you're ready to buy your first home, your tax refund and stimulus savings may cover more of a down payment than you realize.

    • Take Advantage Of Money Smart Week

      Published on Apr 06, 2021

      In May of 2020, 20.6 million Americans lost their jobs, creating an economic fall-out that continues to affect millions of U.S. adults and their perceived economic outlook. Though there are marked signs of improvement in the U.S. labor market, many Americans believe the coronavirus outbreak continues to impact their personal ability to achieve long-term financial goals.

    • Is Debt Consolidation Right For You?

      Published on Mar 15, 2021

      Debt consolidation is a way to restructure and simplify your debt into fewer monthly payments. It combines multiple loans into one payment to one lender, ideally with a lower interest rate. You can consolidate many different types of loans, including credit cards, medical debt, personal loans, and payday loans into one loan.

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