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Jazz Under the Stars

Don’t miss Jazz Under the Stars every Thursday in August!

Published on Aug 07, 2018

Cedar Rapids’ very own annual concert series, Jazz Under the Stars, is returning this month! The first three Thursday evenings will feature local musicians and bands in Noelridge Park, and the final Thursday (Aug. 23) will feature a finale of guests at McGrath Amphitheatre led by Coe Music Professor and CR Municipal Band Director Steve Shanley. Guests bring picnic dinners or visit food vendors throughout the evening, making the concerts a great night for socializing and enjoying some great musical acts. Collins Community Credit Union, one of the presenting sponsors for the event, will be there to mingle with the crowd and sign up visitors for prizes and giveaways.

Feel like stepping up your party for a little friendly competition? Collins also gives away the Pink Flamingo Award to the “Best Party in the Park!” Guests go all out with food and decorations in anticipation for the coveted award. Did we mention Dairy Queen coupons go to the Best Party as well? So, what are you waiting for? Get your friends and family together, pack your favorite snacks and picnic foods, decorate your picnic space and enjoy some jazz music this month. Don’t forget to say “hi” to your friends at Collins, sign up for prizes, and create lasting memories under the stars!


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