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How to Maximaze Credit Card Rewards During Back-To-School Shopping

Backpacks, uniforms, lunchboxes, gym bags, binders, pencil pouches ? the back-to-school shopping checklist grows every year, and it adds up fast.

Published on Aug 12, 2019

The National Retail Federation surveyed over 7,000 shoppers in 2018 and discovered parents with children in elementary through high school anticipated spending around $685 on back-to-school shopping. With similar spending figures for 2019, parents can score lots of credit card rewards while piling your carts with index cards, Kleenex boxes, and sneakers. Luckily, with every swipe, you can earn cash back or rack up travel miles.

Below, learn how to stretch your dollar and score rewards as you check off your kiddo’s list:

Use cash-back apps to make money on the money you spend When you use cash-back apps, you can make a little when you spend a little. With cash-back apps like eBates and iBotta, you can receive cash back from shopping at your choice of over 300 retailers just by uploading a picture of your receipt. The best part? You’ll receive your payment within 24 hours!

Try a cash-back portal like Rakuten Many large retailers offer cash back incentives ? usually between 2% and 12% when you shop with particular stores through a cash-back portal like Rakuten. New users will receive a $10 welcome bonus and special coupons, plus all cash back is easily redeemable via check or PayPal.

Sign up for loyalty programs with your favorite stores You can sign up to receive discount codes and special coupons via text or e-mail to use toward your next purchase at all your favorite retailers, whether it’s Target, Kohl’s, or Wal-Mart. Though these markdowns aren’t associated with your credit card rewards, it’s still an easy way to save on things you need.

Take advantage of tax-free weekends and special shopping events Look for tax-free shopping events in your area, and check with small businesses in your city to see what back-to-school promotions they’re offering. Many local businesses extend deals to try to compete with online retailers, so it’s worth inquiring with the mom-and-pop shops you frequent.

Since you know you’re going to have to spend several hundred bucks to get your kiddos ready for a new school year, you may as well earn a little bonus while you’re at it. Now it’s up to you how you’ll spend the extra cash and travel points: a few tubes of autumn-colored lipstick and almond milk lattes for you or a brand-new pair of soccer cleats for your youngest. The kids always need something, huh?

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