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Reasons Why You Should Gift Cash this Holiday Season

Still have a few people to cross off your holiday shopping list this year? Don’t think too hard; give them cash! You heard right—paper money is an unexpected gift that doesn’t have to be as simple as stuffing a stocking with a white envelope. Cash is the perfect solution to gifting for people you just can’t figure out. Before you get dizzy running around shopping centers, here are some reasons why gifting cash could be the best present under the tree this season.

Published on Dec 04, 2018

It’s not about how much you give, but how you give it

Let’s be honest, everyone loves to receive money as a gift. Don’t stress about how much money to give and instead think of creative ways to glam up your dollar bills. Get creative and show your friends and family how surprisingly fun cash can be and sneak it into something unordinary. Turn a box of chocolates into a cash or coins box and the amount of money won’t be as important as the thought you put into it.

No one turns down money

Have you ever heard someone upset they were given cash? People would rather receive money to purchase what they like rather than receiving something that wasn’t on their wish list. Money is a practical way to show people you care and gives that special someone spending cash after the holidays. Instead of buying the wrong gift this year, give your loved ones something they can’t (and won’t!) take back to the store.

Time saving

Skip the hours spent searching through stores and open your wallet for this year’s shopping list. Cash is convenient for those with large families and can’t get personalized gifts for each cousin. It even saves time for the person receiving the money. By receiving cash, they don’t have to worry about returning a sweater to the store for a new size. If you’re too busy entertaining family and baking Christmas cookies, cash saves you time and the holiday headache.

Your gift can still be meaningful

A common issue with gifting cash for Christmas is the feeling that the gift didn’t have thought put into it. Another idea to creatively spice up the cash could be attaching a meaningful letter. Each holiday season we sometimes replace “I love you” with a new pair of shoes. Make it a tradition and start writing personalized letters to your cash recipients and loved ones.

So, don’t despair over buying the perfect gift. Remember, the reason for the season is to spend time with loved ones and show them how much you care, not how much you can spend. Think about gifting cash to make everyone happy!

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