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The Triple CU Scoop - Credit Card Knowledge for College

Published on Jul 01, 2013



As an incoming senior in college, I’ve started taking a few steps to prepare for post-graduation; building good credit being one of them.  With a good credit score I can get a low interest mortgage loan and buy a house, which has always been a personal goal of mine.  Now that I have a credit card, and a personalized PhotoCard at that, I am well on my way!  Of course there are risks associated with using a credit card but it’s important to start establishing credit early on, especially for college students who will eventually need a loan for a car or house of their own.  Here are a few tips to building good credit with a credit card, which I follow strictly myself:

1. Start Early
The sooner, the better!  Your credit score will be low at first because it’s not based on much, but with a long, positive payment history your score will increase.  College students can even start by getting a joint credit card with a cosigning parent and acquire a
Student Visa.   With a higher credit score comes a better interest rate on loans for a home or new car.

2.  Decide What to Buy
Just because you have a credit card does not mean you should purchase everything with it.  By only using your credit card for things such as food and gasoline, you can easily keep track of your expenditures and manage your monthly payments.

3. Pay on Time
This part is extremely important as one late payment can stay on your credit report for up to seven years.  Make sure you are paying at least the required minimum balance on time, and if possible pay the total balance in full each month.  Good payment history makes all the difference in your credit score.

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