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The Triple CU Scoop - So you've graduated college... now what?

Published on Feb 13, 2013

I can’t tell you how many times people asked me what I was going to do now that I had graduated.  I had survived three and a half years of living in that prison cell some refer to as a dorm room, learned to work together in group projects, and fought the losing battle with the financial aid office, but still after graduation I had to answer the question, “now what?”

Some of my friends were heading off to graduate school, while others were entering the “real world” (as if we were living in a fake world before).  I began my job search four months before graduation, and had sent out close to 100 resumes and cover letters.  I had a lot of interviews before graduation, but I wasn’t willing to settle.  I knew I wouldn’t get my dream job right away, but I wanted something where I could utilize my skills and talents.  For me, being very impatient and a little melodramatic, this process was stressful. 

Now that I have landed a job as the eMarketing Specialist at CCCU, two months after graduation, I need to learn how to manage my money.  That six-month grace period before student loan repayment will be up before I know it.  Sometimes it’s easy to forget that with those paychecks also come bills.      

Fortunately for me, being a member of Collins Community Credit Union I can take advantage of the Money Management Tools.  Start your new adventure by going down the right path.  Visit our resource page  to take advantage of valuable references, tips and strategies for managing your money. 


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