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Tips to Save for a Spring Break Trip

With a busy academic calendar - there are still at least fifteen weeks of school left in the spring semester - most kids are eagerly awaiting the respite of spring break, a whole week without homework, dress codes, and sports practice. Sure, the kiddos just had winter break, but research continuously demonstrates there is joy in anticipation, so it’s time to start planning.

Published on Jan 29, 2019

Spending time at home with laid-back plans can be fun, but some parents take advantage of affordable off-season travel costs, accrued vacation hours at work, and the opportunity for new experiences with their children. Rather than charging a spring break trip to your credit card, start building a vacation fund now so you can enjoy saying yes to souvenirs for the kids and to fruity drinks with umbrellas for the adults.

Cut Out Unnecessary Purchases

You don’t have to cancel your television show subscriptions but committing to forgo some of your everyday just-for-fun purchases, like morning lattes and lunch delivery, will help you save cash fast. If you treat yourself to a latte each morning and to lunch from the nearby sandwich shop a few times a week, you could save up to $500 by the time you are getting your boarding pass scanned. Brew a mug of coffee at home and pack a sack lunch for six weeks and watch your account balance grow.

Download A Budget App

With a couple quick taps on your smartphone, you can have a financial snapshot of your checking and savings accounts at your fingertips. If you are a member, download the Collins Community CU Mobile app on iTunes or Google Play to put account access at your fingertips. Most budget apps connect with your financial accounts and can give you real-time updates of your finances and your progress of meeting your goals. Be sure that your savings goals are realistic, though, so you don’t overcommit to all the plans you’re making for your spring break trip.

Look for Free Entertainment for The Kiddos

Don’t give into your child’s pleads to go to the movies or get the newest video game expansion pack. Instead, gather the whole family to make dessert from scratch one evening after dinner or host a family game night in the living room. Once your children are snowshoeing in Montana or taking a sunset sail off the Florida Keys, they will appreciate sacrificing a few small outings and knick-knacks for one unforgettable vacation.

Saving for a springtime vacation might mean making short-term changes to your everyday routine, but the habits you’ll develop along the way will help you savor your trip and may even encourage you to continue saving for a new goal once you return home. Disney World, perhaps?

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