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Update your Summer Wardrobe on a Budget

In most climates across the country, the season of backyard barbecues and firework shows bring sweltering temperatures. Without the proper attire, you might feel uncomfortable hanging out outdoors, but tailoring your outfits for the forecast can help keep you cool all summer long. Buying new clothes can add up quickly; fortunately, summer wardrobes tend to be the least expensive to improve.

Published on Jun 04, 2019


Before you toss your winter pieces to the back of the closet, see how you can transform cold weather pieces into clothes you can wear to the neighborhood parade or an upcoming beach vacation.

  • If you have a pair of jeans with a frayed pant hem, you can easily cut them into shorts - now you have a fun, casual look without spending a dime.
  • You have that cream and blush top you love, but in a rush out the door you accidentally spilled coffee all down the arm. No problem. Chop off the sleeves and you’ll have a dressy sleeveless top to wear to date night this summer! (You’ll even be able to sit on the patio without fanning yourself with the menu all night.)
  • There are a couple places where the air conditioner is always cranked in the summertime: the movie theater, grocery store, or your office. Whether you’re seeing a new flick, stocking up for grill season, or cranking out a report for your boss, you can wear one of your favorite chunky sweaters - just push up the sleeves when you head to the car.


If you’ve trimmed and hemmed what you can with the pieces in your closet and still need a couple staples, there are a few ways to reinvigorate your closet without blowing your budget.

  •  Gather your friends or neighbors and host a clothing swap. Have each guest bring 5-6 items they no longer wear, then spend an afternoon trading for new skirts or tanks. Serve fruity drinks and invite attendees to model their new outfits!
  • You know those shirts and slacks at the very bottom of your dresser you never wear? Bag them up and take them to a consignment shop where you can exchange your old duds for new-to-you warm weather pieces.
  • Retailers are always working one season ahead of the rest of us, so just after Memorial Day, you can usually spot summer-wear on sale as stores make room on the racks for autumn clothing. You’ll be able to wear your new shorts and swimsuits all season long before the days start getting shorter and the leaves begin to fall.
  • Use apps like Poshmark to find used-but-loved high-fashion items at a discounted rate. You can even sell your own items, too, if you want to clear out your closet and make a little cash.

Just because it’s hot outside doesn’t mean you have to be! With these tips, you can look stylish and be comfortable - but it wouldn’t hurt to make friends with someone who has a pool.

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