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      • couple discussing finances

        How to Have Productive Conversations about Money with Your Partner

        2018-05-21 15:46:40

        The link between money as a source of stress and a couple’s relationship challenges is clear, but an often-overlooked fact is that couples experiencing financial disagreements rarely revolves around a lack of money to spend on basic necessities. In other words, money itself does not cause relationship difficulties, but is often a distraction that masks deeper concerns or areas of disagreement between the two. 

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      • Collins Community Credit Union employees holds

        Protecting Financial Choice: Credit Unions Fight for Fair Tax Codes

        2018-03-21 20:50:22

        On March 7, 2018, Collins Community Credit Union joined credit union advocates, members, and employees from around the state to rally against the proposed tax hike that recently passed through the Iowa Senate. As they hiked the hill to show the legislature the importance of keeping our not-for-profit institution’s taxes the way they are, employees at Collins branches around the state showed their support by wearing t-shirts donned with the phrase, “I love my credit union,” and “Protect Financial Choice.”

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      • A father and his sons

        What Previous Generations Never Taught You About Personal Finance and Frugality

        2018-01-29 17:09:03

        In this era of life-changing developments in science and technology, it is easy to believe that we must be getting smarter every year. Yet with respect to our financial decisions, this may not always be the case. Excessive consumer spending is a major and enduring issue in the US, with 38% of US households holding a revolving credit card balance, over half a million people filing for personal bankruptcy annually over the past decade, and almost half of the working population having no retirement saving at all.

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      • Get to Know Gives Back

        25 April 2024
        Read below to learn about (and listen about) our exciting partnership with The Gazette!  Learn More
      • Discounted Adventureland Tickets

        24 April 2024
        As a member of Collins Community Credit Union, you can receive a discount on Adventureland Park and Adventure Bay Water Park tickets! Learn More
      • ATM to ITM Upgrades Coming

        15 March 2024
        Upgrade your banking experience with our ATM to ITM conversion! Learn More
      • Empowering Success - A conversation on Achieve@Collins

        04 March 2024
        Embark on a journey of financial empowerment with Collins Community Credit Union’s Achieve@Collins Program (originally launched in 2022). The program, led by our Retail Team, is a financial toolkit that includes our Simple Checking account, Credit Builder loan, and Financial Wellness resources. In February 2024, our branch sales manager, Michael, presented the program at Simpson College for their Upward Bound student program. Read on for his insights on Achieve@Collins’ impact in the... Learn More
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      What's New

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