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Collins Community Credit Union

Mortgage Application Checklist

Home buying doesn't have to be difficult. We've created this simple check list to make mortgage application process as simple as one, two, key! Contact a Collins Community Credit Union Real Estate Loan Officer or apply online today!

Information to Bring to Your Mortgage Loan Application

A copy of the original document is acceptable unless specifically noted. If you fill out an application online, you will still need to provide to your Collins Community Credit Union Real Estate Loan Officer.  

  • Original, fully completed & signed loan application.
  • Purchase agreement signed by all buyers and sellers.
  • Paystub from past 2 pay periods for each applicant.
  • W2 forms from past 2 years for each applicant.
  • Bank account statements from the past 2 months for checking and savings accounts. (other than Collins Community Credit Union accounts)
  • Most recent 401K, IRA or other retirement account statement - Full statement only no summaries or current day balance inquiries.
  • Investment account (money market, mutual funds, etc.) statements from the past two months.

Are you self-employed or do you have commission income? If yes, please provide:

  • Personal and Business income Tax Returns for the past 2 years. (Federal returns only, no state returns)

Have you been divorced? If yes, please provide:

  • Divorce decree, stipulation, and any modifications.

  • Proof of receipt of child support payments for the last 3 months - include child support income on your application.

Have you declared bankruptcy in the last 7 years? If yes, please provide:

  • Petition, schedule of creditors and discharge.
  • Be prepared to provide the reason(s)/circumstance(s) that lead to the bankruptcy to your Collins Community Credit Union Real Estate Loan Officer.

Miscellaneous items:

  • If you have earned a diploma or degree in the past 2 years, provide an unofficial final transcript.
  • If you own rental property, provide the current lease and past 2 years Federal Tax Returns.
  • If you are receiving a gift for the down payment of your new home, DO NOT deposit the funds until you visit with your Collins Community Credit Union Real Estate Loan Officer.
  • If in the past 2 years you have experienced a gap in employment of 30 days or greater, be prepared to provide the reason(s)/circumstances(s) of the employment gap to your loan officer.
  • If you currently rent your home, please bring your landlord's name, address and phone number.

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