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Collins Community Credit Union

Interactive Teller Machine (ITM)

What is an ITM?

An Interactive Teller Machines (ITM) is an ATM with the additional feature of live face-to-face assistance from a Collins Community Credit Union representative. Think of it like Skype or FaceTime. So the next time you visit a branch, and don't want to wait in line, give our ITM a try.

With an ITM You Can... 

With our interactive teller machines, you can do more than just withdraw cash and make deposits. You can connect with a live member service representative right from the machine, allowing you to get your banking done quickly.

  • Make deposits
  • Make withdraws
  • Cash checks
  • Transfer funds
  • Make loan payments
  • Receive balance information
  • Loan payoffs
  • Address changes
  • Receive assistance with CU Online
  • Order Checks
  • And more!

ITM Locations

ITM Technology is available at the following branches:

  • Blairs Ferry Road
  • Wiley
  • Ingersoll Price Chopper
  • Merle Hay Price Chopper 
  • Quad Cities Home Loan Center

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about using our ITM’s? Look no further! The answers are right here.

  1. What are ITM’s?
    ITM or Interactive Teller Machines, are ATM’s with video and audio interface capabilities. They give you the option of having a face-to-face transaction with an actual Collins Community Credit Union representative. All tellers are Collins Community Credit Union employees, working from our Member Service Contact Center in Cedar Rapids, IA.
  2. How do live teller ITM’s work?
    Similar to web chat programs, ITM’s use a built in camera and speakers to provide the member and the teller with the ability to hear and see each other during the transaction.
  3. Are transactions at ITM’s private?
    Yes. The ITM’s provide options for additional privacy. They have a chat feature available, similar to text messaging, or you can use the telephone receiver.
  4. What type of transactions can I do?
    You can conduct nearly every type of teller transaction, just as you would in our branches. You can cash checks, make deposits (no envelope or deposit slip needed), withdraw cash, make loan payments, get balances, and transfer funds.
  5. How do I cash a check?
    We can cash your check to the exact amount. You won’t need a deposit slip or envelope. All you have to do is insert the check into the deposit slot when your teller is ready. An image of your check will appear on the screen, and you can let us know if want to deposit it or cash it. You’ll get a reduced image of your check back on your receipt for your records, too.
  6. How do I make a cash deposit?
    The machine will read and count each bill and will display the deposit amount on the screen for verification. If you have several bills, we recommend adding about 30 bills at a time.
  7. Can I use the ITM without talking to a representative?
    Yes. The ITM works as a regular ATM until you tap the button to let us know you want to talk.
  8. Can I use the ITM without my debit card?
    Yes. Forgot your debit card? No problem. You can use a driver’s license for identification at the ITM.
  9. What type of bills does the ITM dispense?
    An ITM can dispense currency of the following denominations: $100, $20, $10, $5, and $1. It will dispense the fewest amount of bills possible. However, the teller can change the number of each denomination being dispensed, based on your request. Tellers can also dispense up to 99 cents, including quarters, nickels, and pennies. Coin cannot be exchanged after it is dispensed.
  10. Do I need to show my ID?
    Yes. Just like in our branches, a valid form of ID is required to conduct certain transactions. You will be asked to scan your proper ID for proper identification.
  11. Is the ITM secure?
    Yes. When banking with an ITM your transactions are as secure as if you were doing an in-person transaction in one of our branches. Just like in a branch we may require an ID for identification purposes and for security purposes all transactions are recorded.


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