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The Top 5 Home Improvement Projects For The Best ROI

If you're thinking about moving, whether you're upgrading, downsizing, or changing locations, now is the time to sell your house. Tighter inventories and increasing demand create an ultra-competitive market, which means houses are selling faster and often for top dollar. You may know specific home improvements can help improve your home's value, but not every upgrade helps drive a higher price.

Published on Apr 23, 2021

Completing these residential enhancements can be beneficial (or even necessary), but the up-front expense can be unaffordable for some homeowners. With a home equity loan from Collins Community Credit Union, qualified consumers can utilize the funds to capitalize on a hot housing market. Industry recommendations suggest spending 5% to 10% of your home's value, focusing on the areas that will net the highest return on investment.

Before listing your house, consider making these updates and touch-ups to your home to maximize your profit potential.

Do A Mini-Remodel in The Kitchen
Improve the look of your kitchen and get a solid return on investment of over 83% with no sledgehammer required. There are several low-stakes things you can do to increase the value of your home (and you don't even have to do all of them):

  • Apply a fresh coat of paint to the cabinets and walls
  • Switch out the hardware, especially if it's outdated
  • Update the flooring
  • Replace 1-2 appliances with an energy-efficient option

Replace the Exterior Siding
Over time, hot sun, harsh winds, and frequent precipitation can take a toll on your exterior siding. Rot, mold, cracks, and gaps can be a big red flag to buyers, but replacing the siding can dramatically impact the resale price of your home. There are a variety of siding options available, including wood, modern vinyl, and fiber-concrete. Though siding replacement can initially be a large investment, this cosmetic upgrade can significantly improve the value of your home.

Upgrade the Windows
Windows typically lasts between 20 to 25 years, but many older homes still have the original windows to the house, which can cause air leaks and heat loss. Installing energy-efficient options helps protect against issues like draftiness or condensation build-up between the panes. Upgrading your windows will help you save on energy costs and boost the overall marketability of your house. Plus, eliminating signs of warping or visible rot can help improve curb appeal tremendously. Many potential buyers are interested in the annual utility savings they'll receive with energy-efficient windows and may not mind paying a bit more upfront to get those savings year after year.

Update the Patio Or Deck
Some studies have indicated that home improvement projects only recover 50% to 80% of the renovating's initial cost. Still, patios and decks can recoup 100% of the cost depending on the size and materials used. The cost of lumber has skyrocketed, but composite decking and polystyrene decking are affordable options that have the potential to revamp the look of your backyard entirely. Adding patio furniture with cushions and planters with blooming perennials will communicate to buyers that the space is comfortable, stylish, and ready to use.

Install A New Garage Door
Curb appeal is more than ample porch lighting and planting a few hydrangea bushes, though those things matter, too. The garage door is one of the most prominent architectural features for many houses and should complement your home's overall look. One study showed 70% of participating realtors agree that a new garage door helps sell a home faster, providing a 98.3% return on investment. Paint, windows, paneling, and other design elements can enhance the exterior and potentially attract a buyer more quickly. Additionally, adding security doors, which are available in various colors and designs, can help deter burglars, lower the cost of home insurance, and increase your property value.  

While you may not need to complete any home improvement projects to sell your house in a seller's market, these upgrades can help you sell your home at a premium. (If you're finding this article later, perhaps in a buyer's market, making these changes can get more eyes on your listing, helping you sell your home more quickly.)

Collins Community Credit Union offers home equity loans designed to help you boost the value of your home. Giving you greater financial freedom to tackle your next monetary goal, whether it's buying a bigger house or finally moving to a location you've only recently been able to afford.

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